Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cigar Box Charkha Building and Dye Garden Update

Pictures of my current Dye Plants in the Garden

Above: Madder in the Front Yard, planted in Part Sun

Above:Indigo planted in a pot, it's in Part Sun right now, it was getting burned in Full Sun

Above: Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers in Part Sun, grown inside and transplanted outside, doing very well!


My friend WonderMike has been making me very interested in Charkha spinning, so I decided to make my own. This didn't really start with WonderMike, really, but he is very contagious, if you know what I mean. It started at my friends house when Kathleen broke out a strange laptop machine and started spinning cotton. What the hell is that! So cool! It's so small, portable and has little wheels that turn. It was a beautiful Bosworth Book Charkha. I was instantly hooked, but my major foray into spinning had not begun. So it just stayed in my mind for a while. Then WonderMike started talking about the Charkha and showiing me a DVD how to video.

I had heard about the Cigar Box model design posted in Spin-Off. So I looked it up and downloaded the instructions. It's not like I really have time to be making this thing with my new job, taking care of the household, and animals. But I decided to print it out and see what it takes to build it.

Long story short four days later this is what my Living room carpet looked like ALL memorial day weekend. Sorry Kristine! She was a very good sport and very compelled by the process, checking in while she knit behind me on the couch as we watched Law and Order and Intervention.

Below are the wheels that I cut out of pine and then turned on my Lathe ("Julia the Jet" is her name) to make the grooves where the drive band would go. Note: before I brought out my lathe I was trying to cut the groove with a chisel, old school stylee.

Below is the close-up of most of the parts I'm using. You can see the Beading plastic cord called Magic Stretch I found at Michael's Craft Store, that I hope works.

Okay all for now must go back to work!


karrie said...

I must make one!! Yours looks great - don't give up!

I need to take a picture of my sunflowers for you - they are doing great, and they look like they are just a few days behind yours. they grow so quickly!

Adrienne Rodriguez said...

yes you must make one!

aija said...

Really neat project... the charka doesn't appeal as much to me as using a cigar box (my grandfather chewed cigars for forever, reminds me of him :))

Adrienne Rodriguez said...

honestly, the Cigar box aspect is my favorite too, the box I'm using is from a cigar called Indios, which means Indian in spanish, also the name of my hometown Indio, CA. It makes me think of my parents funny enough :)

miukat said...

This is so awesome! Thanks for posting pics :D I downloaded the plans and hope to make one, too, one day.

Michael said...

Yes, I've been called contagious before, but I always seem to have good health insurance. ;-)

Love your cigar box charkha. Can't wait to see it in ACTION!

Anonymous said...

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Duanne Gill said...

Quite an innovative way of dealing with the discarded cigar boxes. I think I stand to learn on how to make to do with this one here as I have a lot of those lying around the house.
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